Finally, a way to keep your cigars and tobacco products fresh as the day you got them. ruksakTM with HumidiGuardTM is a new innovation for maintaining freshness, and for rejuvenating aging or slightly dry cigars and tobacco. This patent pending ruksak™ is constructed of specially developed outer film panels, that works in harmony with the patented HumidiGuard™ which is preinstalled in the ruksak™ in order to maintain a perfect climate within its environment.



  • Hermetic Seal – A thumb zipper seal preventing re-entry or release of air and/or microorganisms
  • Traps aroma inside the resealable lightweight ruksakTM
  • Protects against microscopic particles like dust and sand
  • Prevents risk of mold and mildew
  • Maintains proper humidity control
  • Helps manage proper temperature and protect from harsh light
  • ruksakTM is odor proof and water proof


This pouch which we like calling a ruksak™ is designed and made of two separate compartments; one of which is a self-sealed airtight compartment in the ruksak™ which contains our HumidiGuardTM fiber membrane blanket, the other has been designed to be sealed and is also 100% airtight. In doing so, with our HumidiGuard™ membrane blanket, a unique humidifying environment is created.  ruksak™ perfectly moisturizing your cigar and tobacco products to the proper relative humidity, without the risk of mildew, mold or leakage.

Proprietary Humidity Chamber

This new innovative humidity chamber (ruksak™) uses a patented fiber membrane blanket called HumidiGuard™, that does the humidity control job in the chamber. HumidiGuard™ uses no corrosive salts and water mixtures,  and/or gelatin globule formula, both of which are known for leakage from their packets. HumidiGuard™’s patented formulation uses all-natural ingredients, no fluids, and is an infused hydration process that outlasts other alternatives for as much as a year, if managed properly. The ruksakTM is perfect for balancing your cigars and tobacco products. HumidiGuard™ is offered in two relative humidity choices of RH 69 or RH 72 for cigar and tobacco.


By using HumidiGuard™ with its patented fiber membrane blanket in combination with our ruksak™, a perfect humidifying environment (chamber) is created, allowing for cigars and tobacco to be humidified under the most accurate RH level possible. Its patented design allows for activation to the proper RH level 3 X’s faster than any other supposedly 2-way humidity control pack in the market.

HumidiGuard™ RH Offering

Why two choices? The reason we offer RH 69 or RH 72 is to provide you a choice for your current cigar and tobacco needs as it relates to their state of condition. So, if you have a cigar or tobacco that has been around for a bit and started to dry out a little, RH 72 is perfect for rejuvenating your tobacco or cigars, making them a little moister, while reenergizing those tired sugars or other ingredients in the products.

When you purchase a new fresh cigar or tobacco the best way to acclimate it is to open it from its packaging and place it into a RH 69 ruksak™ with HumidiGuard™. This is the perfect climate to maintain freshness and safeguarding those precious cigars and tobacco, so you can fully enjoy your product the way the tobaccoist intended you to do.

To help you with keeping them fresh, the ruksak™ comes with an indicator card to keep an eye on your precious cigars and tobacco. The indicator monitors humidity within the ruksakTM so you always know the ruksakTM is working within the proper RH range and when to replace the ruksakTM with a new one.


ruksak™ Product Choices

Besides offering a single ruksak™ with an indicator card, in a display box of 24 pcs, we also offer a ruksak™ Value 3-pack with indicator cards, in a counter display of 18 pcs. Lastly, for those large processing and packaging needs we provide a bulk pack with indicator cards but, without the header card, and counter display, packed in master cartons of 144 pcs.

ruksak™ with HumidiGuard™ Custom Solutions

Creating innovative products is our passion. We have a history and are proud to provide scientific solutions to maintain freshness to your products, by providing a salt-free, safe, simple and plant-based 2-way humidifying solution. With ATMOSIScience™ being a leader in 2-way humidity control technology, our products are held to the highest level of cleanliness. ATMOSIScience manufactures products internally, so we are able to have competitive pricing, fast turnaround time, and offer customization.

HumidiGuard™ VS Other Types of Humidity Solutions


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ruksak™ Performance Guarantee*

Wherever you live, ruksak™ with HumidiGuard™ responds and alters within its own environment, creating ideal moisture levels with negligible maintenance. We provide 12-month performance guarantee*.

*12 months is a conditional guarantee. It is based on the frequency of opening, whether ruksak™ is tightly sealed every time after it is opened, and the type of container used, or its temperature, light exposure, and ambient environment.

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